Short Synopsis

A collision with a school bus leaves Ezra Cole able to remember, with exquisite perfection, everything he witnesses. Historian Jocelyn Mayer documents the meeting of her imperfect mind, trained to discern vast themes, with Cole's immaculate consciousness -- and realizes being saturated with life’s details isn't such a blessing after all.


Long Synopsis (150 words)

Getting hit by a school bus was the best thing that ever happened to Ezra Cole. What was before just the occasional flash of peculiar brilliance now blossomed into a stunning gift: the ability to remember with exquisite perfection everything he ever witnessed. Losing all feeling below the waist felt trivial in comparison. In this fictional account, historian Jocelyn Mayer documents the brief intersection of her life with Cole’s, the meeting of one imperfect mind, trained to discern vast themes of history, with an immaculate consciousness that absorbs life's every detail – and pities those who cannot remember a telephone number unassisted by technology. Mayer is awed by Cole's gift, but her journey through his intellectual landscape teaches her that perhaps being saturated with life’s details is not such a blessing after all.


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