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Accidental Occurrence is the hypermedia project I am currently working on. For a related project, you can visit the page of A Space of Time, my first hypermedia story. In the case of this project, I am pursuing further the development of video editing algorithms, a continuation of the Stream of Consciousness approach I used in A Space of Time.





Diego Bonilla (Sacramento State University) - Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, and Programmer

John Mannion (Syracuse University) - Photography Director

Sarah Pickett (Carnegie Mellon University) - Music Composer and Sound Designer

Chema Salinas (Arizona State University) - Location Sound Production and Soundtrack Editor

Sean Hovendick (The Sage Colleges) - Additional Photography

Jared Landberg - Production Management


Darian Sundberg - Maxi

Gary Voegel - Hal

Sarah Pickett - Emma

Jack Gargaro - Porkchop -  Bad guy

Hilal Bahr - Hulk - Bad Guy

Sarah Galvin - Julia - Maxi's Girlfriend

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