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Bienvenido a la última iteración de mi sitio en línea. En este momento estoy en el proceso de migrar contenido a este nuevo formato y lo más seguro es que veas algunas cosas fuera de lugar. Partes de mi sitio están en inglés y partes en español. Gracias por visitar.

Welcome to the latest iteration of my website. I am currently migrating content to this new layout and most probably you will get to see some things out of place. Parts of my website are in English, parts in Spanish. Thank you for visiting.

Selected Videos

Me da mucha felicidad haber sido seleccionado para el 60th Ann Arbor Film Festival con la nueva película: Uku Pacha (Modular VR).

Presentacion titulada "La construcción y edición de cine narrativo a través de programación" preparada para el 1er Congreso Internacional Media Ecology and Image Studies, 2018.


Presentation titled "The construction and editing of narrative cinema through programming" prepared for the 1er Congreso Internacional Media Ecology and Image Studies, 2018. (In Spanish and Portuguese).

I was honored to be the Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Chicano and Latino Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony took place on April 24, 2016, in the University Ballroom, at Sacramento State University.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside colleagues of the UC, CSU, and CCC, on the California Open Educational Resources Council. The council promoted the adoption the Open Education Resources for Higher Education in the State of California. In this video, I give a presentation of the research activities that the council engaged in its first 2 years.

I create many pedagogical videos for multiple purposes. My approach to the use of technology is often "critical". In other words, as we move forward at an accelerated pace, it is important that we are in control of the technology we use, and not the other way around. In this video, I talk about e-readers based on a series of focus groups conducted by the CA OER Council and bibliographic research.

In 2012, I was invited to participate in the closing session of the 2nd Electronic Book International Simposium organized by the National Council for the Arts and Culture (CONACULTA) in the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. In the session: Consuelo Sáizar, Director of CONACULTA (at the time), Martín Caparrós y José Gordón (moderador) and I. The title of my presentation (see slides below) is "Beyond hypertext. The creation and presentation of variable texts". During the presentation, I introduce some of the concepts behind Liber Rotavi. (In Spanish)

First website many moons ago

Versión electrónica de la revista Péndulo (1995-1996)

Versión electronica en el servidor de Hypergraphia, oprimir aquí.

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